I’m going to the Fair! Muscatine County Fair!

Saturday,  July 23,  I’ll be at the Muscatine County Fair!

River Monster at Muscatine County Fair 2011

Carnaval rides
, animals (many which have been freshly washed and smell nice..but not all of them:-), cotton candy, singing, dancing, racing…all the stuff fairs are about.

I won’t tell you exactly where to find me…but I’m pretty sure you’ll see me right away.

Here’s the ticket info and gate times on the Muscatine County Fair website if you need any details.

See you there!


My Kraken T-shirts are here!

People have been asking me for T-shirts since I first appeared this summer….LOTS of people.    And the shirts are here!

Kraken T-Shirt
My River Monster T-shirts
were designed by Ethan Anderson of BigImprint.com.  They’re printed on super soft cotton.  And they’re fashion-fit which means they’ll instantly become your favorite shirt.   (Just like that one you lost on your deep-sea diving vacation:-)

Yes, I made them in kids sizes too!

Check them out here:  Kraken stuff

One more thing
As something special for the people who get here first, I’m giving away a FREE River Monster poster to the first 20 people who order T-shirts! Just because I can do what I want, and because I have 8 arms.

Follow this link to The Kraken stuff

Show your support towards the legend that has captured the imagination of Muscatine, as well as the rest of the midwest.

Surprise Visit! Thursday, July 21 on Mulberry Avenue

Kraken tentacles on 1222 Mulberry Ave Muscatine Iowa

One day only!
(Thursday, July 21)

I would love to keep the location a mystery and make you hunt for me, but I’m going to just tell you the location….and then hold a contest for a cool prize!

Ok, ready?  Here’s where I am:

I’m making a surprise appearance at 1222 Mulberry Avenue. It’s the large yellow house right beside the Muscatine Art Center and Musser Museum.

I can’t wait to see the reaction from all the walkers and joggers who have no reason to suspect they’ll be confronted by a giant pink tentacled octopus:-)

Now for the contest
The other big news for today is that my River Monster T-shirts are here…and I’m giving one away!

Want to win a River Monster T-shirt?
I’ll give a free T-shirt to the first person to post a photo of me at 1222 Mulberry Avenue.   That’s it!

Just post it to my Facebook page.

You can also email it to me at MuscatineRiverMonster@gmail.com

(And I’m always happy to see the photos you post on there – contest or no contest.  I guess everyone loves seeing pictures of them-self, even giant monsters)

Ok,  Good luck and happy photo snapping!

Drive by on Mulberry and wave hello!


P.S. Have you seen my River Monster T-shirts?


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