Is it safe to come out of hibernation?

Hello!  With a sudden change to beautiful weather, I think this kraken is done hibernating:-)   (no, I’m not hanging out anywhere just yet – but if you’re on my email list, you’ll know where to look for me when I appear)

If this is the first you’ve heard of me, welcome!  Take a look at my ‘Legend‘ page to see what I’m really about:-)

Here are some photos from the 2011 Children’s Festival in West Liberty, Ia shot by Yefei He – They might be the last photos of me shot on real film!

Muscatine River Monster - West Liberty Childrens Fest 2011- photo by Yefei He

For fans of real film photography, Yefei He shot these on a medium format Bronica ETR-Si 6×4.5.  You can see the whole gallery on Yefei’s Flickr: yefeihe

I can’t wait to see you this summer… I’ll be keeping a giant eye out for you!
The Kraken

Kraken Photo Roundup #5 – The Kraken Takes Iowa City!

After my first spot in Iowa City (former Vit’s restaurant – Photos),  I moved right around the block to MC Ginsberg Jewelers. Wow – what a view from there!

Kraken on MC Ginsberg - photo by Samantha Szlembarskie

Photo by Samantha Szlembarskie

This was also where KGAN CBS2 came down to show me on their Morning News Show on October 27!  Details and watch a clip from the newscast here.


The only downside of this place was being directly above Pancheros!  The delicious aroma of  fresh burritos wafting gently upward ALL day will make anyone hungry!

Kraken on MC Ginsberg - photo by Zak Neumann

photo by Zak Neumann


Next I went to the Old Iowa Capitol! On October 28, the Old Capitol Musuem and the UI Natural History Museum held their 6th annual Creepy Campus Crawl – a family oriented Halloween event.  The theme at the Natural History Museum was ‘Superheroes’ so I felt right at home…

Kraken on Old Iowa Capitol - Iowa City - Photo by Miles Dietz

Photo by Miles Dietz

Kraken on Old Iowa Capitol 3- Iowa City - photo by Kathie Gonzales

Photo by Kathie Gonzales

This next shot will take your breath away: Hotel Vetro – Plaza Towers.

Kraken on Hotel Vetro - Plaza Towers - Iowa City - Photo by Zak Neuman

Photo by Zak Neuman

Hotel Vetro – Plaza Towers was such a cool backdrop, don’t you think?  I love the contrasting curvy lines and right angles.


On Oct 31,  Halloween, I was on Micky’s Irish Pub & Grill. With Halloween falling on a Monday, I think many people had partied themselves out.  But the people still going out were the hardiest and most enthusiastic – Did you see that zombie bridal party?! Amazing costumes.  And, apparently, the bride and groom were really getting married!

I’m still waiting for a photo of me on Micky’s Pub to come in! If YOU have one, feel free to send it to me:

Click here to see all my activity in Iowa City.

Thanks for a great time!
The Kraken


Kraken Photo Roundup #4 – Vito’s in Iowa City!

Julie Staub sent over these great photos she took of the old Vito’s building – my first spot in Iowa City.

Kraken on Vitos 16 - photo by Julie Staub

Downtown Iowa City’s ped-mall starting to pick up speed on a Saturday night.

Kraken on Vitos 05 - photo by Julie Staub

I love the little tentacle reflection in the photo above!

Kraken on Vitos 04 - photo by Julie Staub_files


See the full gallery on Julie’s flickr account

Julie is also a contributor to where she’s keeping a 365 photo project centered around Iowa City.

Thanks Julie!


Photographers: If you want to send 3-4 of your favorite Kraken shots, I might feature them on my website.  I love showing off your work!   Send to