The Kraken live on CBS-2 morning news!

Edit 2011-10-27: Watch a highlight from the newscast!

Hey! Just a quick heads up that KGAN CBS-2 news from Cedar Rapids is scheduled to do their Thursday morning LIVE news cast with me in the background!

Kraken on Vitos Iowa City - photo by Julie Staub

They’ll be showing off a little bit about where I come from, how I work, and what I mean.

My builders will be on the news a bit too. I suppose I can surrender the spot-light to them for a few moments… After all, they did spend weeks and weeks stitching me together. 🙂

KGAN will be broadcasting live from my new spot. I’ll appear Thursday morning on a new location somewhere in downtown Iowa City…see if you can identify where!

Hope you can catch it!

  • Oct. 27 Thursday Morning Live News Cast
  • Between 5:00am – 7:30am

See for station info

Photo by Julie Staub


By the way, did you see I’m running free shipping through Oct 31? I think [highlight bg=”#fc0″ color=”#000″]you’d look good in my River Monster t-shirt![/highlight]

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