Monsters on the Morning News! With KGAN – CBS2

Today I was featured in my first ever live news cast! Wow – are those guys chipper for being awake at 4:00am!   I was up all night, but KGAN reporter Josh Schienblum, cameraman Drew, and the ‘Kraken managers” had to come down at 4:00am to get set up.

Kraken on KGAN Live newscast - MC Ginsberg - photo by Ethan Anderson 02

Two of my ‘managers’ (they like to think!) were there to talk me up.  Andrew K Anderson explained what I’m about and announced the upcoming UI Old Capitol visit. Ethan Anderson, who builds websites like mine, told how I keep in touch with people.  (The third Kraken collaborator, Jacob Lane, opted to get a proper nights sleep)

Watch a good clip from the newscast. (Notice how Josh has the anchors running in circles at the end:-)

MC Ginsberg: Objects of Art…and River Monsters

Thursday, Oct 27, I will be on MC Ginsberg. 110 East Washington St. Iowa City, IA

Well, we’re going to temporarily update MC Ginsberg’s product lines to include Giant Tentacles!   I’m going to spend Thursday (Oct 27) stuffed into a rooftop terrace overlooking East Washington st, downtown Iowa City.

Stop by and wave hello!

And I already mentioned this, but KGAN CBS-2 news from Cedar Rapids is scheduled to do a live news cast with me in the background on Thursday morning! (between 5-7am)

More visits this week in Iowa City…which I will announce just before they happen so keep watching.

The Kraken live on CBS-2 morning news!

Edit 2011-10-27: Watch a highlight from the newscast!

Hey! Just a quick heads up that KGAN CBS-2 news from Cedar Rapids is scheduled to do their Thursday morning LIVE news cast with me in the background!

Kraken on Vitos Iowa City - photo by Julie Staub

They’ll be showing off a little bit about where I come from, how I work, and what I mean.

My builders will be on the news a bit too. I suppose I can surrender the spot-light to them for a few moments… After all, they did spend weeks and weeks stitching me together. 🙂

KGAN will be broadcasting live from my new spot. I’ll appear Thursday morning on a new location somewhere in downtown Iowa City…see if you can identify where!

Hope you can catch it!

  • Oct. 27 Thursday Morning Live News Cast
  • Between 5:00am – 7:30am

See for station info

Photo by Julie Staub


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