Pearl Button Riverboat – a Kraken goes Cruising

Muscatine River Monster Cruise on Pearl Button Riverboat

Ordinarily I just scare the passengers and terrorize the crew of these riverboats.  But this one is special – it’s the only currently operating side-wheel paddle boat on the entire Mississippi River.   So I decided to take a cruise…before I get back to scaring riverboat crews into taking up farming.

Muscatine River Monster Cruise on Pearl Button Riverboat

“Yeah, I’d like to report a possible Kraken incident on the Mississippi River…”


It was the first cruise of the season for the Pearl Button Paddlewheeler – and the Mad Creek Mudcats came to provide the music.

Muscatine River Monster Cruise on Pearl Button Riverboat

The Pearl Button Riverboat has cruises every Sunday afternoon.

Right after our cruise I headed to old Hotel Muscatine – where I’ll hang out for a few days.  Have you seen me up there?


Invasion of the Muscatine River Monster!

Welcome! I’m the Muscatine River Monster and I’ve come to devour, er, snack on your town!

Muscatine River Monster - first appearance on Hotel Muscatine

First appearance - on Hotel Muscatine - June 2, 2011

Actually, I’m a friendly monster and good things happen wherever I visit.

Believe it or not, I’ve been coming here for a long time! You can read about my earlier visits here: The Legend of the Kraken.

Enjoy!  And I hope to see you in downtown Muscatine soon…I’ll be hanging around…long as there’s snacks.


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Watch out!