Monsters on the Morning News! With KGAN – CBS2

Today I was featured in my first ever live news cast! Wow – are those guys chipper for being awake at 4:00am!   I was up all night, but KGAN reporter Josh Schienblum, cameraman Drew, and the ‘Kraken managers” had to come down at 4:00am to get set up.

Kraken on KGAN Live newscast - MC Ginsberg - photo by Ethan Anderson 02

Two of my ‘managers’ (they like to think!) were there to talk me up.  Andrew K Anderson explained what I’m about and announced the upcoming UI Old Capitol visit. Ethan Anderson, who builds websites like mine, told how I keep in touch with people.  (The third Kraken collaborator, Jacob Lane, opted to get a proper nights sleep)

Watch a good clip from the newscast. (Notice how Josh has the anchors running in circles at the end:-)

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