Is it safe to come out of hibernation?

Hello!  With a sudden change to beautiful weather, I think this kraken is done hibernating:-)   (no, I’m not hanging out anywhere just yet – but if you’re on my email list, you’ll know where to look for me when I appear)

If this is the first you’ve heard of me, welcome!  Take a look at my ‘Legend‘ page to see what I’m really about:-)

Here are some photos from the 2011 Children’s Festival in West Liberty, Ia shot by Yefei He – They might be the last photos of me shot on real film!

Muscatine River Monster - West Liberty Childrens Fest 2011- photo by Yefei He

For fans of real film photography, Yefei He shot these on a medium format Bronica ETR-Si 6×4.5.  You can see the whole gallery on Yefei’s Flickr: yefeihe

I can’t wait to see you this summer… I’ll be keeping a giant eye out for you!
The Kraken

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