I’m on the move again!

After hanging out at the Pearl Plaza for a few days I’m moving to my next target.   This Friday (June 17), I will appear on a brown brick building on the corner of Sycamore and 2nd street.   Stop down and see me!


Kraken Photo Roundup! June 15

Here’s a round up of my favorite photos of me, The Kraken!


First off is one from Grazy Pics.


Awesome colors! By: Jefri Palermo


Love the look of this one. By Esai Valenzuela.


Great photoshop construction from Sunny October Photography:


And finally, this little guy won my cold sea monster heart with those out-stretched arms.

Aww, see even cephalopods have soft spots…  wait, we’re all soft spot aren’t we?

Till next time!

Enjoy these and please drop your own on my FB wall, or send them to me by email:  MuscatineRiverMonster@gmail.com
I love seeing them!

Thanks for the awesome opening party!

Thanks for coming to my party! It was crazy fun seeing so many people show up to get a look at me in my new location – the Pearl Plaza, W 2nd street, downtown Muscatine.

The party featured a surprise guest!    A 30′ long inflatable submarine, the SS Flynn Collier, dropped by for an unannounced visit.  You should have heard the crowd when it first cruised by!   (Thanks Flynn:-)


I think my tentacle coming up through the pavement was the biggest hit of all.


Muscatine River Monster project: Jacob, Andrew, and Ethan.


Through Thursday,  June 16, The Muscatine River Monster will be hanging out at the Pearl Plaza on 2nd street, downtown Muscatine, Iowa.

Visible: 8:00 am – 9:00pm  (weather permitting)


Stop by and see me!  And if you take any photos, would you post one on my FB page?  Thanks!



(Thank you Heather Shoppa (Muscatine Convention & Visitors Bureau) for your excellent help with the reception!)